ASI Flooring


ASI Flooring provides highly aesthetic, code-compliant flooring solutions in hardwoods, luxury vinyls and stones for a broad scope of projects in all market segments. Most of the products can contribute to LEED®, the national benchmark for green building, and the points are listed on each collection page for ease of reference.


Engineered and solid ASI Hardwood feature a complete selection of species, thicknesses, widths, finishes and colorations to meet any design and project requirement. All of the collections are eco-friendly, featuring Reclaimed Timber Flooring. Most hardwood species are available FSC®-certified and follow our Chain-of-Custody certification from the forest to the end user.

Luxury vinyl tiles offer colorful hues and realistic simulations and textures
of natural materials. Most ASI Resilient collections are sustainable, made from recycled content and demonstrate responsible manufacturing practices.

ASI Stone is a group of curated collections highlighting natural and manmade stones, including agglomerate, crystallized glass, and eco-porcelain, with a wide offering of sizes and surface options. Coordinating slabs are available in most collections.