US Vinyl Wall Coverings

US Vinyl is one of the top commercial wall covering manufacturers within the world-wide wallcovering industry.  

Manufactured in Lafayette, Georgia.

Known for their superior design and unbeatable pricing, USV continues to grow and meet the industry’s needs.

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The History of US Vinyl / USV

Over 30 years ago, US Vinyl was established, as the founder saw a need for high-quality
wallcovering with cutting edge design at affordable pricing.

In 1994, USV moved from Houston to LaFayette, Georgia. At the time, the wallcovering
industry was solvent-based, and the company wanted to utilize a more economically sound water-based printing. So a plant in Georgia was designed and built to reflect this greener way of doing business.

Today, USV is one of the top wallcovering manufacturers in the hospitality industry, producing
many hundreds of thousands of yards of wallcovering each year.

USV Type 2 Wallcoverings

Note:  All Patterns can be Custom Colored
and also made in Type I Weight 

Budget Collection

 Beautiful Design & Colors/Priced for Demanding Budgets

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Custom Digital Wallcovering


USV Sustainability Efforts

  • Current USV manufacturing procedures to support and protect the environment

  • Substrates contain pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled content

  • All inks and adhesives are water based and eco-friendly

  • All unused inks are recycled

  • All outbound and incoming packaging is 100% recycled content

  • During manufacture, trimming and waste products are recycled

  • Utilization of closed loop water system

  • All wallcovering is 100% recyclable - resulting in a virtually endless life cycle.

  • All wallcoverings are produced with low VOC substrate which is compliant with

  • California Section 01350 IAQ requirements for wallcoverings.

Déjà vu® Recycling Program


Déjà vu® Recycling Program: Allows return of previously installed wallcovering for recycling
into new products.

Participation in this program supports credit eligibility in the LEED® Green Building Rating
System by diverting waste directly away from landfills. To further support LEED®, our
wallcovering contains both pre-consumer and post-consumer content.